Consulting services

The company offers through uts representatives:

  • The  most appropriate / fast / affordable and customized solutions for accessing loans (structuring / restructuring / preparing the documentations) from banks and non-bank for all types of entities, eg. legal, physical and freelancers (including professions eg. doctors, accountant,lawyers,others).
  • We provide management consulting for companies in order to optimize access credit facilities from various banks and non-financial (restructuring / refinancing their rates in order to optimize costs and credit facilities)
  • We provide participation in negotiations with your company's representatives in order to understanding  banking and non-banking insitutions requirements ;if you request from certain services from  banks / institutions  or this will require discussions for various contractual or negotiations
  • We provide   identification for you the best banks / institutions that will provide the lowest cost for banking operations (internal and external), but also for non cash credit facilities (Letters of credit, documentary collections, letters of guarantee, etc.), and other products offered by banks such as:

    • comfort letters requested by various institutions
    • addresses the bid -  cash flow addreses
    • dealt with different addresses requested by institutions
    • receiving subsidies for agriculture
    • discounting (financing/factoring) invoices and / or collection instruments (promissoy/ check)
  • We provide for you  identification the best  banking institutions that will provide co-financingin order to  participation in projects for accessing European Funds, Governments, others
  • We provide for you consulting in European Funds and Government by identifying companies specialized and experienced in developing projects, but also in their implementation; identification of specialized companies  according to your field of accessing funds, companies experience in the required field and your budget 
  • We provide (on request) in writing consulting projects and their implementation in closely collaboration with specialized companies.
  • We provide advice to  preparation of the credit facilities for all  type entities (legal, physical, professions, etc.).

  • We provide consulting in insurance , .leasing


These services are backed by our company representatives experience of over 20 years in the banking system.